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Glass granules in industrial quality


Glass Granules 0.7-2 mm

Industrial grade in size 0.7-2 mm. Clean and dry delivery


Glass granules 2-4mm


Glass Granules 2-4 mm

Industrial grade in size 2-4 mm


Glass granules 4-10mm


Glass Granules 4-10 mm

Industrial grade in size 4-10 mm.


Glass granules 10-20mm


Glass Granules 10-20 mm

Industrial grade in sizes 10-20 mm


Glass granules 15-35mm


Glass Granules 15-35 mm

Industrial grade in sizes 15-35 mm


Glass Granules for Decorating Gardens and Beautifying Urban Spaces

glasgranulat klar

An industrial grade product, made from pure borosilicate glass, has a high degree of purity. Ideal for bulk use in gardens, urban spaces, or landscaping, these granules are free from metallic, organic or plastic elements. large glass chunks are broken into small non-sharp pieces providing them with round edges. Perfect alternative to stone pebbles, these granules shimmer in various colors and we can deliver them in different sizes. Mix and match colors and sizes to create a beautiful garden. Glass granules are produced from recycled materials and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Application of Glass Granules - Tips and Tricks

  • As floor beds in commercial urban spaces
  • Garden paths and bedding
  • Decorative flat roof cover
  • Artificial river and lake beds
  • Filling glass gabions, glass containers, and plant pots
  • Alternative to pebble products
  • Create a crushed ice effect with these granules at events and tradeshows
  • Decking up terrace roofs of commercial buildings and apartments

Features of Glass Granules

  • All weather resistant. Retains strength and color under extreme weather conditions
  • Rot free and zero moss build up
  • High degree of purity - industrial grade 
  • Environment-friendly made from recyclable material

Delivery Information

  • Available in sizes 1-2 mm, 2-4 mm, 4-10 mm and 20-40 mm
  • Available in bags of quantities - 20 kg, 500 kg and 1000 kg