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Glass Pebbles Small


Glass Pebbles 13-15 mm

Our decorative glass pebble collection in the size of 13-15mm


Glass Pebbles 17-20mm


Glass Pebbles 17-20 mm

Our decorative glass pebble collection delivered in large quantities in the sizes 17-20mm


Glass Pebbles Medium


Glass Pebbles 28-30 mm

Discover our impressive glass pebbles in sizes 28-30mm. immediate shipping possible


Glass Pebbles Medium 43-45mm


Glass Pebbles 43-45 mm

Discover glass pebbles in sizes 43-45 mm. Available for immediate delivery


Glass Pebbles Medium large


Crystal Glass Pebbles 40-70 mm

Deco Stones exclusive, glass pebbles made from crystal glass. Available in sizes 40-60 mm.


Glass pebbles, also known as glass gems is a shiny, light refracting decorative product offered by Deco Stones.

Glass Nuggets Red

These machine made, flat glass beads are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Experience the visual effect by combining them with light and watch your residence, garden or open space light up. Add these pebbles to your table setups at the weddings or give them away as gifts at trade fairs or use them in handicrafts. Buy from us online and be assured of our quality.

Applications of Glass Pebbles

  • Create beautiful looking glass vases on festive occasions by filling it with pebbles
  • Add them to handmade crafts and mosaic table sets
  • Fill up a glass jar with glass gems, add LED lights and enjoy the effect in Autumn
  • Decorate plant pots with a glass gems necklace
  • Trendy junk jewelry
  • Decorate your Christmas tabletop trees with glass nuggets
  • Used in the construction of artificial river landscapes, lake beds, and water fountains
  • Deck up your garden sitting areas

Features of Glass Pebbles

  • Made of real stained glass - Available as colored, transparent or opaque
  • Polished and smooth finish
  • Available in green, blue, red and orange
  • Frost free, all-weather resistant material
  • Fully color stable with long outdoor exposure
  • Moss and algae free due to the smooth surface
  • Self-cleaning during rain. No additional cleaning required
  • Recyclable material

Delivery Information

  • Available in green, blue, red and orange
  • Mix of colors is possible
  • 13-15 mm: 1kg = approx: 370 pieces
  • 17-20mm: 1kg = approx. 225 pieces
  • 28-30mm: 1kg = approx. ca. 72 pieces
  • 45-50mm: 1kg = approx. ca. 45 pieces

Deco Stones is one of Germany’s first companies to introduce the concept of Glass in Garden. Our online collection houses every kind of glass decoration item including glass balls, glass crystals, glass pebbles, glass marbles, glass rocks, glass stones, glass gravel, terrazzo glass and more. Shop online 24*7 and find attractive prices. We are always open.