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Glass Marbles 14 mm

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Glass marbles 16mm for decoration


Glass Marbles 16 mm

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Glass Marbles 25 mm

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Glass marbles 35mm for decoration


Glass Marbles 35 mm

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Glass Marbles  - Classic and Timeless

Glass marbles mixed for decoration

Glass Marbles are part of fond memories for most people as they collected, played and traded with them as children. Put these beautiful, simple, and classical glass products to use as a decorative element for your home and garden. Available in countless sizes and colors, glass marbles offer a variety of applications including in arts, crafts, home decoration, gardening, and landscaping. Read our section below for tips and tricks about marbles, their features and how to use them for decoration.

Our collection comprises an exhaustive variety of bulk glass marbles, suited for the needs of both home and professional buyers. Buy them in large quantities for cheaper prices. As Germany's leading importer of glass marbles, our quality and prices remain unmatched in the industry.

Applications of Glass Marbles - Tips and Tricks

  • Exquisite filling in glass containers
  • Art and craft objects
  • Gifts to children
  • Decorative floor cover in gardens
  • Gifts at events and tradeshows
  • Landscaping outdoor and indoor areas
  • Board games production
  • Production of ball spirals, wind chimes, garden plugs, and similar articles

Features of Glass Marbles

  • Available in sizes of 14 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm, and 35 mm.
  • Machine made and mass produced
  • Small grooves on the surface since they are factory made
  • For higher quality, we recommend crystal glass balls, available in similar sizes and colors

Delivery Information

  • Small marbles - 180 marbles in a 1 kg bag
  • Medium marbles - 50 marbles in a 1 kg bag
  • Large marbles - 18 marbles in a 1 kg bag
  • Available as a 1000 g bag or 20 kg carton