Glass Granules 10-20 mm clear | industrial quality, dry, dust-free | click to buy | DECO STONES

Glasgranulat klar, ca. 10-20mm/1 kg
6,95 EUR
6,95 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Glasgranulat klar, ca. 10-20 mm/20 kg
89,00 EUR
4,45 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Glass granules 10-20 mm clear offer a high degree of purity and contain no foreign substances.
The exclusive and high quality bulk glass stands out with a brilliant glittering and rounded glass grain and looks very similar to rock crystals.
Glass granulate 4-10 mm from DECO STONES is a fine, not sharp-edged, crushed glass.


Feature: pure, dry, industrial quality
Material: mostly borosilicate glass
Surface: broken, smooth, not sharp-edged   
Finish: also available surface colored as colored glass granules (only for inside use)
Confectioning: gladly, according to customer requirements      
Bulk density: 1l bulk volume equal to approx. 1.50kg


  • industrial quality, clean, without foreign substances
  • almost endless weather resistance
  • self-cleaning by natural or artificial sprinkling
  • practically no moss or algae growth in the free space, due to the pore-free
  • glass surface
  • beautiful, rounded grain with a high gloss level
  • glitter effect
  • recyclable without special processing
  • Glass granulate is also surface colored at DECO STONES according to customer requirements - in almost all RAL colors.