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Glass Terrazzo for Floor Coverings | Alternative to Wooden Floor Covering

Acrylsteine-ArtdiamantenWooden floored terraces can be limiting in nature as colors can be chosen based on the available paint. They are also extremely difficult to maintain and cause a safety concern with chipping. Under extreme weather conditions like rain and snow, the wood starts to deteriorate in quality. A better alternative would be a glass pebble covered terrace in the form of a glass terrazzo.

Deco Stones is a wholesaler of glass terrazzo at competitive prices and a palette of rich colors. Choose from a combination of clear glass, yellow, red, brown or many more to create a floor covering that is unmatched. Choose them over granite, marble and wooden floorings for better look and lesser maintenance. Mix up different colors to achieve the desired effect.

Applications of Glass Terrazzo - Tips and Tricks

  • Alternative to wooden floors, marble floors and granite floors on terraces and outdoor areas
  • Making hard-wearing glazed-razor floor coverings or glass carpets
  • Decorative wall coverings in conjunction with synthetic resins as a binder
  • Decorative aggregates for interior and exterior plasters
  • Decorative fillings in trade fair construction
  • Filler for web plates or double-walled glass plates

Features of Glass Terrazzo

  • Mixed with polyurethane resin or epoxy resin and smoothed
  • Due to the small grain size, even minor unevenness in the ground can be optimally compensated
  • The resins used for laying cure completely
  • Mechanically strong - can withstand heavy furniture or a fireplace grill