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Glassteine ultramarinblau ca. 3-6 mm


Glass Stones 3-6 mm

Beautiful higlight in the garden. Find our collection in 3-6 mm.


Glassteine gelb ca. 9-12 mm


Glass Stones 9-12 mm

Beautiful highlight in the garden. Discover our 9-12 mm collection


Glassteine rubinrot ca. 5-15 mm


Glass Stones 5-15 mm

Beautiful highlight in your garden. Discover our 5-15 mm collection


Glassteine kobaltblau ca. 10-25 mm


Glass Stones 10-25 mm

Beautiful highlight in your garden. Discover our 10-25 mm collection.


Glassteine dunkelgrün ca. 20-40 mm


Glass Stones 20-40 mm

Beautiful highlight in your garden. Discover our 20-40 mm collection.


Glassteine bernstein ca. 20-60 mm


Glass Stones 20-60 mm

Beautiful highlight in your garden. Discover our 20-60 mm collection.


Glass Stones for Landscaping, Gardens and Decoration

Glassteine rot

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, glass stones act as impressive design elements. Industry grade and highly pure, these products do not contain any metal or plastic and are mainly made of borosilicate glass. These non-sharp items get its shape by breaking big broken glass (cullets)  into small pieces. Used as an alternative to gravel, their non-sharp surface can be used in garden pathways and garden beds. The translucent surface finish makes it versatile to be used in multiple scenarios. Even under extreme weather conditions, these stones remain color stable and highly durable. Therefore they can also be used as fire glass in gas firepits due to their high resistance to heat. Check out our section below for more ideas on how glass stones is a perfect decoration element in indoor and outdoor spaces of commercial properties and homes. 


Applications of Glass Stones - Tips and Tricks

  • Stair rail and balcony rail decoration
  • Alternative to pebbles as a flat roof cover
  • Decorative large-scale spreading material in open urban spaces such as parks, 
  • in design of artificial river and lake landscaping
  • walkable material allows use in high traffic areas
  • for filling decorative glass containers
  • As a decorative element in a plant arrangement
  • Fill art objects like vases with glass balls
  • Use as fire glass in gas fire pits or fireplaces

Features of Glass Stones

  • Made from high quality and optically pure glass
  • Translucent surface
  • Weatherproof - can sustain quality under extreme weather conditions
  • Self-cleaning with natural or artificial irrigation
  • Non sharp walkable surface
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

Delivery Information

  • Available in the dimensions 3-6 mm, 9-12 mm, 5-15 mm, 10-25 mm, 20-40 mm, 20-60 mm in bags of 20 kg, 25 kg.
  • Also available in big bags of 500 kg or 1000 kg
  • 1 liter of bulk volume corresponds to 1.32 kg in weight
  • Available in colors red, ruby ​​red, yellow, green, dark green, amber, cobalt blue, ocean blue, ultramarine blue, black and white opaque