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Acrylic Gemstones Small 10-14 mm

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Acrylic Gemstones Big 18-20 mm

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Acrylic Motifs, Hearts and Diamonds

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Acrylic Gemstones, Acrylic Diamonds and Acrylic Motifs | Beautiful Decorations and Gifts


Highly transparent acrylic gems deliver a brilliant shine in high quality. An essential ingredient in personalized gifts, these gemstones add class and make your gifts standout. Used in crafts and decorations, these stones are also known as acrylic diamonds, art diamonds, or acrylic stones. Deco Stones delivers this beautiful product in multiple sizes and a wide assortment of colors. Read our section below to know more about features of this product.  

Applications of Acrylic Gemstones - Tips and Tricks

  •  Florist decorations
  • Advertising and event decorations
  • Filling decorative glass vases
  • Messebau
  • Crafts
  • for filling decorative glass containers

Features of Acrylic Gemstones

  • Highly transparent
  • Brilliant sparkle
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Large stock. Fast delivery on short notice

DECO STONES import/export wholesaler and retailer, reliable and competent partner for commercial customers of acrylic products of all kinds.
Extensive stocks enable us to deliver large quantities quickly.