Spiral Wind Spinner 100mm | a fascinating eye-catcher | Design product made of stainless steel | Germany manufacturer and Wholesaler DECO STONES

Acrylraindrops oder Acryl-Tautropfen

The ball spiral 100 mm, fascination and design in harmony

Designer - spiral spinner for 100 mm glass balls are produced by us in Germany and exported to many countries. During the production we attach great importance to highest material quality and an appealing design.

In order to obtain an attractive, visually impressive design, in addition to the shape of the spiral outlet, the pitch height of the coils and the upper and lower spiral diameter in relation to the total length of the spiral spinner are of decisive importance.

Even the wire thicknesses chosen by us vary depending on the size of the spiral and are a not unimportant design factor in the overall optical result.

At the latest when trying to copy the design shape of our tapering tip with a wire thickness perfectly matching the total length of the ball spiral, almost all competitors give up. They reach the physical limits of the still feasible material deformation.


  • Required glass ball: approx. 100 mm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • variable wire thicknesses for different spiral sizes
  • Surface quality: slightly glossy
  • convincing running characteristics of the rotating spiral
  • high acceptance by garden lovers all over the world
  • high profit margins for resellers
  • scaled prices
  • Marketing: online trade, market trade, garden exhibitions
Your purchase advantage: You buy the spiral spinner, a German design product directly from the manufacturer at favorable conditions, without intermediate trade.

DECO STONES import/export wholesale and retail trade.


Spiral Wind Spinner 100/6 | V2A | made in Germany
25,50 EUR
25,50 EUR per pc
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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