Colored Sand Sets | low priced remaining stock at bargain prices

Only 17,85€ for 29 kg coloured sands and granules, correspondingly only 0,62€/ kg.  

bunte FarbsandeOur color sand bargain packages consist of different color sand in various colors and grains with a total weight of 30 kg.

In the individual article descriptions of the coloured sand packages you will find the coloured sand contained in each package, with details of sizes and colours.

With the colourful colour mixes you have a large scope for your creative decoration ideas.

That's why we recommend these special advantage packages at a bargain price. With the colourfully mixed colour sand packages you are guaranteed to make a bargain with your direct importer Deco Stones.

So what are you waiting for, take advantage of these coloured sand at the absolute bargain price, put together in one package while stocks last.

Contents Package 1:
Sand granulation: 2 kg yellow,1 kg light blue, 2 kg red, 1 kg light green, 1 kg silver
grit 2-4mm: 2 kg yellow, 2 kg cobalt blue, 2 kg gold, 2 kg red, 2 kg silver
grain size 4-8mm: 2 kg fir green, 2 kg neon yellow, 2 kg orange, 2 kg grey, 2 kg red, 2 kg copper

Contents Package 2:
grain 1-2mm: 2 kg silver
grain size 2-4mm: 2 kg gold, 3 kg bordeaux, 2 kg cobalt blue, 3 kg apple green, 3 kg azure blue, 3 kg yellow
granulation 4-8mm: 3 kg neon green, 3 kg emerald green, 3 kg fir green, 3 kg orange

Contents Package 3:
granulation 1-2mm: 3 kg apple green, 3 kg fir green, 2 kg grey-green, 3 kg red, 2 kg medium blue
grain size 2-4mm: 2 kg fir green, 1 kg natural, 1 kg grey, 1 kg cobalt blue, 1 kg medium blue, 1 kg metallic copper
grain 4-8mm: 3 kg apple green, 3 kg orange, 1 kg emerald green, 1 kg rose, 2 kg olive green

Take advantage of the colourful coloured sands in different grain sizes and take advantage of unbeatable bargain prices, directly at DECO STONES.

Colored Sand Set 1
17,85 EUR
17,85 EUR per
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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