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Acrylsteine-Artdiamanten The expert describes glass gravel 10-20 mm alternatively also as glass chippings 10-20 mm or broken glass 10-20 mm. This material is particularly environmentally friendly because it comes from the recycling of industrial flat glass and container glass. Therefore, you should not be surprised if there is some dust adhering to our cheap delivery of smaller or larger quantities of glass gravel 10-20 mm. It can simply be washed away with a little water, which of course is also ensured by the next rain shower. Also the hardly visible possibly adhering label parts with glass gravel 10-20 mm from container glass disappear very fast by the natural weathering. They do not constitute a reason for complaint.
Glass gravel 10-20 mm is available in different colour mixtures. Blue, green, yellow, brown and black are available both as plain bulk materials and as two-colour combinations or in variants with the addition of crystal-clear splinters.

Silver effects can also be achieved with glass gravel. Particularly interesting optics can be achieved with glass gravel 10-20 mm in various shades of one colour. They are suitable for beautifying discounts. But also as a component of the drainage for the outer walls of a building, glass gravel 10-20 mm can be used wonderfully.
You can achieve nice effects with glass gravel 10-20 mm, for example if you fill hollow bricks in a wall with it and use these surfaces as a support for the installation of flower baskets and flower pots. Glass gravel 10-20 mm is particularly popular for the design of event locations because the material has the advantage of residue-free easy removal and multiple reuse. Glass gravel 10-20 mm can also be used for outdoor advertising by separating different coloured sections with plastic strips or small wooden palisades.

ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS for glass gravel - discover here decorative glass stones for creative planning in horticulture and landscaping.

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