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Frog motif The garden stake Frog Motif should not be associated with power connections, because they have nothing to do with that. They are so called, because they can be put into the beds as decoration in the garden. Garden plugs provide for spots of colour where "Mother Nature" does not do it and even the "green thumb" of the garden owner does not have the desired success.

The garden plugs present themselves in the form of various flowers, which we as a direct dealer can supply to you at a fair price in various colours. But the animal motifs of the garden plugs are also booming among garden owners. With them you can make rare butterflies dance not only in the warm season, but also over the snow in the front garden.

Where many cats roam, the birds usually retreat from the "lower floors" of the bushes and trees, because not every cat is aware that they should actually only hunt rodents and not birds. The garden plugs offer the chance to repopulate the beds and bushes with the colourful feathered contemporaries, at least virtually.

The garden pond looks a bit dull despite the planting - the garden plugs can also be used there to add colour to the landscape. Many of the frogs with their typical Glubschaugen are practically designed in such a way that they also serve as a holder for a lantern and can thus provide a particularly romantic atmosphere on warm summer evenings. Other garden plugs with a frog are fun to look at and will give the kids a lot of pleasure when a slight gust of wind makes them sway. Then many a child will first look expectantly at whether the frog stays seated or makes a big leap towards the garden part.

Garden Stake Frog with Violin 4 pcs / packing unit
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