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Acrylic stones, acrylic diamonds Acrylic granules, weather and frost resistant products in many colour variations

Acrylic stones bigAcrylic Gem Stones large, acrylic diamonds large - inexpensive through direct import! Acrylic Gem Stones Large, which are also called Acrylic Diamonds Large or Art Diamonds Large, are high-quality, brilliant decoration materials and should not be missing in any shop for handicraft supplies.

Many available colors, like acrylic stone red, acrylic stone clear, acrylic stone cobalt blue, acrylic diamond light green, acrylic stone bordeaux, art diamond pink, art diamond orange, just to name a few, will inspire you to always new, innovative ideas. Acrylic Gem Stones large, respectively acrylic diamonds large, have a high transparency and therefore a splendid light refraction.

With us you receive these beautiful, colorful Acrylic Gem Stones large/acrylic diamonds large in bags to 500g. If you want to fill a vase or other hollow glass vessel with large Acrylic Gem Stones, then calculate the order quantity as follows: For 1lt bulk volume you need approx. 0.7kg Acrylic Gem Stones large.

DECO STONES is a professional import-export wholesaler for interior and exterior decoration materials. We are able to deliver large Acrylic Gem Stones in a wide range of colours and large quantities from stock at short notice, which go far beyond the usual craft requirements. Large Acrylic Gem Stones or large art diamonds from DECO STONES - Selection and prices that are convincing. You can find further information about acrylic products, their quality, use and availability from our warehouse on the following page: Acrylic raindrops.

You buy Acrylic Gem Stones large at DECO STONES import/export wholesale and retail directly from the importer, always without intermediate trade.

Acrylic Hearts 22x24x9 mm Clear
11,50 EUR
23,00 EUR per 1 kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Acrylic Gemstones 23x14 mm Clear
10,95 EUR
21,90 EUR per 1 kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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