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You do not necessarily have to be a fortune-teller or clairvoyant to enjoy the decorative crystal glass balls 110 mm, in short crystal balls 110 mm. DECO-STONES offers a wide range of splendid colours. The precisely manufactured glass balls 110 mm impress with their flawless, cut or polished surface. Impressive glass purity and concentricity make these crystal glass beads 110 mm shine in a fascinating brilliance.

People have always been fascinated by glass. The crystal balls enchant us with their radiant beauty. For centuries it has been believed that the 110 mm crystal glass balls with their reflective and reflecting surface could discover something hidden. This has made the 110 mm crystal ball an indispensable tool for many clairvoyants.

But even those who do not believe these mystical abilities can use the popular 110 mm crystal balls as coveted decorative objects. Due to their beautiful refraction of light and their radiant shine, they are also perfectly suited as gifts for sophisticated demands. Coloured and clear crystal glass balls 110 mm conjure up an atmospheric atmosphere at festive occasions.

But also in the flat, in the garden or on the balcony the striking glass balls 110 mm are a wonderful eye-catcher. When the sun shines, it is often reflected on the pure surface of the 110 mm crystal glass spheres and lets them shine in all their splendour.

Our 110 mm crystal balls are inexpensive because we pass on the financial advantages gained through direct import to our customers. So if you are looking for a wholesale supplier with an extensive stock of coloured or clear 110 mm crystal glass beads, DECO STONES is the place for you.

As a professional import-export wholesaler, we have an impressive selection of glass beads and 110 mm crystal beads in numerous sizes and colours in stock for you. Here you will find our product range of standard glass beads.

You buy crystal glass beads 110 mm from DECO STONES Import/Export Wholesale and Retail at a reasonable price, directly from the importer, always without intermediate trade.

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