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Acrylraindrops oder Acryl-Tautropfen

Coated Glass Granules are cuboid glass grains made from borosilicate glass. Thanks to a special production process, the broken granules are smooth, and do not possess sharp edges. These crystal-clear, glittering glass granules are the base material for coatings in RAL Pantone colors. During paint coat selection, special emphasis is placed on the transparency of the colors used for coating. Thus, the processed glass granules receive the natural appearance of real colored glasses and are visually indistinguishable from them. These coated and transparent glass granules are of industrial quality, clean, water-resistant and free from foreign substances.

Applications of Coated Glass Granules - Tips and Tricks

  • Company promotional events or tradeshows
  • Create a crushed ice effect with these granules at events and tradeshows
  • Decking up terrace roofs of commercial buildings and apartments
  • As floor beds in commercial urban spaces

Features of Coated Glass Granules

  • Industrial grade made from borosilicate glass
  • Granules are smooth after breaking with non-sharp edges
  • Appear similar to real glass granules
  • The glossy surface that mimics real glass
  • Clean and free of dust
  • All weather resistant surface

Delivery Information

  • Available in grain sizes 1-2 mm, 2-4 mm, 4-10 mm and 20-40 mm
  • Available in bags of 20kg, 500kg, and 1000kg
  • Minimum order size is 60kg
  • Call us directly for orders of sizes below 1mm. A customized order can be prepared

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