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Glass diamonds 20-80 mm


Glass Diamonds 20-80 mm

Explore our collection in sizes 20-80 mm.


Glass diamonds 100-150 mm


Glass Diamonds 100-150 mm

Explore our collecetion in sizes 100-150 mm.


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Glass Diamonds in Decoration. Buy Online with delivery across EU

Acrylsteine-ArtdiamantenExperience the sheer dazzle of glass diamonds. Made of optically pure glass, these translucent products deliver a dreamy appearance and is a wonderful decorative item. With cuts, corners and edges, these glass diamonds mimic the posh look of real diamonds. Combine them with a string of LED lights and watch them sparkle. Some of our popular colors include ruby red, emerald green, dark green, cobalt blue, purple, yellow, pink and crystal clear.


Applications of Glass Diamonds

  • as an imaginative pretty gift item
  • Florist Decorations
  • in advertising as a printed promotional item
  • for sophisticated event decorations including weddings
  • as a sparkling table decoration
  • Tradeshow Booths
  • for arts and craft
  • for filling decorative glass containers
  • high-quality backdrop for photographs
  • to decorate jewelry and wrist watches

Features of Glass Diamonds

  • Made from high quality and optically pure glass
  • Corners, cuts, and edges that deliver a real diamond feel
  • Translucent surface

Delivery Information

  • We offer you the decorative diamonds in the colors ruby red, emerald green, dark green, cobalt blue, purple, yellow, pink and crystal clear
  • They are available in the dimensions 20 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm and 150 mm
  • The size 20 mm, however, can only be delivered in crystal clear color

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