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Glass rocks 40-100 mm


Glass Rocks size 40-100 mm

Our collection of Glass Rocks with grain sizes varying from 40-100mm. Special prices for orders above 250kg.


Glass rocks 60-120 mm


Glass Rocks sizes 60-120mm

Call us for a special offer 05302-930320


Glass rocks large for delivery


Glass Rocks size 200-400mm

Available in various colors in sizes 200-400mm. Large orders, call us for specail prices 05302-930320.


Landscape your garden with beautiful Glass Rocks. Combine them with LED lights and watch your garden transform into a play of colors.

dekorative Glassteine

High-quality Glass Rocks adds glamour to your garden. You can fill gabions with an assortment of colors, combine them with LED lights for an enhanced effect. Transparent and translucent design that is dry and pure, free from materials such as plastic and metals. The rocks are not sharp-edged, making them safe to use and simplifies further processing. Available in multiple colors including red, ruby red, yellow, green, dark green, amber, cobalt blue, ocean blue, ultramarine blue, black and white opaque (non-transparent).

Application of Glass Rocks - Tips and Tricks

  • Use them as a path, as plant pot coverings or as a bed in outdoor areas
  • filling gabions (wire baskets) as an alternative to stones
  • filling gabions in combination with natural stones
  • Weather resistant design allows it to be installed in commercial and urban open spaces
  • Alternative to pebbles or natural stones in the garden
  • Design of artificial river and lake landscapes
  • Glass Rocks can also be used as Fire Glass in firepits and fire places
  • Decorative aggregates in combination with polyurethane or epoxy resins for the production of open-pore or closed floor coverings in the outdoor area
  • Combine it with our other products like Glass pebbles, Glass nuggets or Glass Balls

Features of Glass Rocks

  • Weatherproof, Rot proof and color-intensive
  • Retains color stability even in extreme weather conditions
  • Self-cleaning, during rains or artificial irrigation
  • Nonsharp, easy to walk on, can be installed in traffic areas
  • Available in various colors including turquoise, cobalt blue, yellow, dark green, amber, white and red
  • Heat insulating and can be used as flat roof covering

Deco Stones is one of Germany’s first companies to introduce the concept of Glass in Garden. Our online collection houses every kind of glass decoration item including glass balls, glass crystals, glass pebbles, glass marbles, glass rocks, glass stones, glass gravel, terrazzo glass and more. Shop online 24*7 and find attractive prices. We are always open. Check out our video on Glass Rocks below for a closer look.