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Glasbrocken rot-dunkel, ca. 40-100 mm
Sliding scale prices:
1-9 kg per 8,80 EUR (8,80 EUR per kg)
10-19 kg per 7,20 EUR (7,20 EUR per kg)
20-99 kg per 5,20 EUR (5,20 EUR per kg)
100-249 kg per 4,00 EUR (4,00 EUR per kg)
> 249 kg per 3,40 EUR (3,40 EUR per kg)
8,80 EUR
8,80 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Glass Rocks Red, ca. 40-100 mm
Sliding scale prices:
2-9 kg per 11,00 EUR (11,00 EUR per kg)
10-19 kg per 9,00 EUR (9,00 EUR per kg)
20-99 kg per 6,50 EUR (6,50 EUR per kg)
100-249 kg per 5,00 EUR (5,00 EUR per kg)
250-499 kg per 4,25 EUR (4,25 EUR per kg)
500-999 kg per 3,12 EUR (3,12 EUR per kg)
> 999 kg per 3,00 EUR (3,00 EUR per kg)
11,00 EUR
11,00 EUR per kg
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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The glass chunks | glass stones red | ruby can be used in many ways. They are particularly suitable for filling gabions or make gardens and landscapes a fascinating eye-catcher as decorative elements for creating colourful highlights.

DECO STONES glass stones | glass chunks red | ruby are produced from real, solid-coloured glass.
This manufacturing process gives the glass stones red | ruby infinite colour stability even when used in open spaces.
With their guaranteed non-rotting quality, glass rocks will delight you for a lifetime and make them a valuable decorative design element of the highest quality.

It is not only architects and artists who appreciate the special properties of these impressive glass products.

DECO STONES Import&Export, wholesale and retail supplies glass chunks red | ruby | glass stones throughout Europe at favourable prices.
Depending on the intended use, you can obtain broken glass in various grain sizes, as offered on our website.

When buying glass chunks | glass stones, trust a partner who was one of the first in Germany to successfully introduce crushed glass for use in gardening and landscaping.


    Glass chunks for filling gabions, also in combination with natural stones  
    in illuminated gabions in combination with LEDs
    as a decorative design element in gardening and landscaping
    glass blocks as spring stones in fountains
    as a colour highlight for tree grates
    as decorative bulk material in traffic roundabouts
    as flat roof fill
    for creating artificial river and lake landscapes
    as decorative solitary glass blocks in gardens
    as plant pot covers
    as artistic glass sculptures
    as splash protection around the edges of buildings


    compared to natural stone products, colour-intensive even when dry
    genuine coloured glass, dyed through
    almost infinite weather resistance
    not rotting
    absolutely colour-stable, even under extreme outdoor weathering conditions
    hardly any moss or algae growth in the free space, due to the non-porous glass surface
    self-cleaning, largely through natural or artificial sprinkling
    recyclable, without special processing