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Kristallglaskugeln 16 mm


Crystal Glass Balls 16 mm

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Kristallglaskugeln 20 mm


Crystal Glass Balls 20 mm

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Kristallglaskugeln 25 mm


Crystal Glass Balls 25 mm

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Kristallglaskugeln 30 mm farbig


Crystal Glass Balls 30 mm

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Kristallglaskugeln 35 mm


Crystal Glass Balls 35 mm

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farbige Kristallglaskugeln 40 mm


Crystal Glass Balls 40 mm

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Crystal Glass Balls for Garden and Home Decoration.

Acrylsteine-ArtdiamantenColored glass balls are becoming increasingly popular in garden designing. Observe the outdoor gardens in Europe and you will find the addition of beautiful crystal glass balls as a decoration element. These eye-catching elements are extensively used in the garden design and can be clubbed with other products such as steel chimes, spirals, wind chimes etc. to achieve an enhanced visual effect. High-quality crystal glass balls are made of solid glass, are perfectly rounded with a polished look. Also known as Glass Spheres, they refract light to provide a stunning look to your decoration.

These balls have high glass purity, exact round shape, and a seamless polished surface. Their brilliant shine adds an element of class to table decorations, enhance the festive setting at home and adds depth to your surroundings. Read on to know more about their features and some tips to use them. Buy from us for reasonable prices and a updated new collection.

Applications of Crystal Glass Balls - Tips and Tricks

  • Production of high-quality garden accessories in combination with stainless steel products
  • High-quality gift item
  • Art and craft items
  • Filling decorative glass containers
  • Landscaping indoor and outdoor areas including floor coverings
  • Home decorations during the festive season
  • Stairs and balcony railing ornament
  • Gifts in the advertising industry, printed and unprinted
  • Production of ball spirals, wind chimes, garden plugs
  • A decorative large-scale design element in the interior and exterior
  • Christmas tree decorations

Features of Crystal Glass Balls

  • Made of optically pure glass that is high in quality
  • Polished smooth surface without defects
  • Available in sizes from 16-40 mm
  • All weather resistant
  • Available in multiple colors including Petrol, Cobalt Blue, Red, Yellow, Green etc.